• Mobile homes for the lowest prices
  • Ideal alternative of the cottage
  • Ideal alternative for temporary or permanent living
  • Ideal as small a operation center or office
  • Ideal as an accommodation facility to camps
Mobilní domy Jižní Čechy s.r.o.

Mobile homes South Bohemia

Welcome to the website of Mobile homes South Bohemia LTD. 

We have been engaged for several years in the import, export, sale and revitalization of the mobile homes (static caravans). We are remodeling seasonal mobile homes to  mobile homes for year-round use.

mobilní domy celoroční mobilheimy celoroční mobilheimy s krbem 
  mobilní domy s fasádou  

 Why mobile home from us?

  • Long-term experience with the delivery of mobile homes

  • All elektroinstallation are checked by professionals

  • The possibility of replacing old single glazed windows and doors for double glazed

  • The possibility of replacing electrical appliances

  • New plastic water pipes in each mobile home

  • The possibility of remodeling seasonal mobile homes to  mobile homes for year-round use

What are mobile homes (static caravans)?

Mobile homes are very popular for decades, especially in the USA, Holland, France and England. They offer a very luxurious alternative of the cottages, the smaller houses for temporary or permanent living. Mobile homes are also often used as small operation centers or offices for commercial purposes.

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email: info@mobilnidum.eu

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