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  • Ideal alternative of the cottage
  • Ideal alternative for temporary or permanent living
  • Ideal as small a operation center or office
  • Ideal as an accommodation facility to camps
Mobilní domy Jižní Čechy s.r.o.

Year-round mobile homes

To our clients we are offering a complete reconstruction of seasonal mobile home to mobile homes year-round. Even mobile homes with double glazing and central heating, which are often presented as "mobile homes year-round" needs to be insulated due our weather conditions and due to energy consumption. Year-round  mobile homes represent an excellent alternative for living or doing business in all seasons. The cost of the energy consumption of a  insulated year-round mobile home are compared to other buildings much lower.

mobilní domy celoročnímobilheimy celoroční zateplenémobilní domy celoroční zateplené dřevěné


Year-round mobile home can be seen in our showroom.

mobilní domy (mobilheimy) celoroční s pergoloumobilheimy celoroční zateplené s pergolou

Why year-round mobile home (static caravan) from us?

  • Thermal insulation of walls up to 250 mm
  • underfloor insulation
  • Gable roof with lightweight roofing
  • Plastic windows and doors with double glazing
  • Choice of final surface (stucco facade, wood siding)
  • The possibility of a fireplace with a central heating

Year-round mobile home with stucco fasade

mobilheimy celoroční zateplenémobilheimy (mobilní domy) zateplenémobilheimy zateplené celoročnímobilní domy zateplené celoročnímobilní domy celoroční zateplené s fasádoumobilheimy celoroční zateplené s fasádoumobilheimy celoročnímobilní domy (mobilheimy) celoroční zateplené s vestavěnou pergoloumobilní domy celoroční zateplené s krbem


 Year-round mobile home with wood siding

mobilheim před zateplenímmobilní domy celoroční zateplené ve dřevěmobilheimy celoroční zateplené s krbem dřevěnémobilheimy celoroční zateplené s krbem dřevěnémobilní domy (mobilheimy) celoročně zateplené s krbem




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