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Mobilní domy Jižní Čechy s.r.o.

Fire places and D/G

Installation of a fireplace to mobile home

To our clients we are offering installation of a fireplace to their mobile home, which will provide them a very effective and economical heating during whole year. Fire place in a mobile home will become a source of radiant  and pleasant heat, but also a suitable complement to the interior, which will make long winter evenings much more confortable.

mobilheim_krbova_kamnaWhy installation of fireplace from us?

  • All works are carried out by specialized personnel without disrupting static of mobile home and with a guarantee of waterproof chimney system.
  • Professional preparation of a mobile home's disposition for instalation of a fireplace and chimney system.
  • Installation of a three coat stainless steel chimney system of the highest quality, which corresponds to all EU standards and recommendations (supported by certification).

 Installation of a fireplace to mobile home

before installationAfter installationbefore installationAfter installation

before installationAfter installationmobilheimy_s_krbem_vymenikmobilheimy_s_krbem

mobilni_dum_s_krbemmobilní domy s krbem na pevná palivamobilheimy s krbem an tuhá palivamobilheim s krbem na tuhá palivamobilní dům s krbemmobilheimy s krbemmobilheim s krbemmobilní domy celoroční zateplené s krbem

Installation of double glazed windows and doors to mobile home

To our clients we are also offering a replacement of old single glazed doors and windows by plastic double glazed.


Bathroom renovation in mobile home

Před rekonstrukcíkoupelna v mobilním domě po rekonstrukcimobilheim po rekonstrukci


email: info@mobilnidum.eu

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